Hisamatsu Thermo-hygrograph

Model: TN-2500L

  • Can be easily mounted or hung on the wall
  • The carrying-handle for ease of portability
  • Easily detachable housing simply slides out
  • Removal of the drum is simplicity itself
  • Attaching recording graph paper is simply and easy
  • Product Details
  • Technical Data

Product Details

- It measures and records the atmospheric temperature and relative humidity
- The upper scale is for temperature recording and the lower scale is for humidity ( be defatted hairs)
- Recording period: 1 day, 8 day and 32 day, changeable by switch 

Technical Data

Recording Range : -15 to 40°C & 0 to 100%
Recording period : 1-day, 8 or 32-day Selectable
Size : App. 340(W) x 290(H) x 130(D)mm
Weight : App. 5.0kg