Data loggers are cost effective solutions for monitoring any required area. Our line of data loggers come in many different shapes and sizes, features such as: high resolution digital displays, audible and visual alarms, flash memory for easy downloading. Dickson’s touchscreen product family includes paperless and pen-less data loggers which allow interaction with your data at the touch of a finger. From the alarm functionality to the high accuracy platinum RTD probe if your monitoring application calls for it we can cover it.

Dickson, Touchscreen USB Data Logger
Model: TSB
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Dickson, Digital Temperature Data Logger,
Model: SM320
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Dickson, Wi-Fi and Ethernet Data Logger,
Model: DWEDownload PDF

TFA,Digital Temperature/ Humidity Data Logger,
Model: 30.3039.ITDownload PDF

Dickson, Digital Temperature/Humidity Data Logger,
Model: TM320Download PDF