Temperature/ Humidity Measurements

Energy costs are on the rise. We have various instruments to keep your system performing at optimal efficiency. We have a range of instruments from tracking the temperatures and humidity for storing chemicals, materials and products to ensuring environments comforts for buildings.

TFA, Digital Thermo-hygrometer,
Model: 30.5002Download PDF

Alla France, Digital Thermometer,
Model: 910.12.CHPDownload PDF

Alla France, Digital Thermometer,
Model: 910.0150.E/LAB CHP Download PDF

Line Seiki, Infrared Thermometer,
Model: TC-6000Download PDF

Dickson, Digital Handheld Thermo-hygrometer,
Model: TH-700Download PDF

Barigo, Thermo-hyrometer,
Model: 2300Download PDF

Scotts, Capillary Thermometer Download PDF

Scotts, V-Line Thermometer Download PDF