DicksonOne Data Logger

Model: DWE

The DicksonOne Display Logger (DWE) automatically sends its data up to DicksonOne where it is stored and can trigger user-configured alarms (among many other features!).

The Display Logger supports 1 x Replaceable Sensor. The DicksonOne Touchscreen supports 2 x Replaceable Sensors.

  • Data Logger Specifications
  • Sensor Specifications

Data Logger Specifications

Alarm Type Phone Call, SMS Text, Email, Audible

*Alarms can be created for scenarios where the readings are outside a given range, communication has been lost, or the batteries are low. All paid accounts are eligible to receive email and SMS text alarm notifications.
Ambient Operating RH Conditions 0-95% RH non-condensing
Ambient Operating Temperature Conditions 32.0 to 158.0F (0.0 to 70.0C)
Antenna Type Internal
Approvals RoHS, FCC Part 15 Compliance, CE
Battery Life (Avg) 1 Week
Calibration Options N100 , N300, N400, & N520
Channels One Channel
Data Capacity Approx 400,000 sample points (backup)
Digital Display Yes
Dimensions 1.7 x 4.25 x 4.25in
Download Type Wireless
Enclosure Grey/White; ABS Plastic Clam Shell
Included Accessories Network Cable
IP Rating 21
Mounting Options Free Standing or Wall Mount (With Keyhole)
PC Requirements DicksonOne.com can be accessed from any Windows, Mac, or Linux PC/Laptop using Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9. WiFi loggers need a Windows or Mac PC with Java for initial configuration. WiFi loggers are compatible with WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Personal security protocols.
Power Source 120 to 240 VAC, 12 VDC (INTL fittings available)
Power Status Indicator Red/Green/Blue/White/Yellow (RGB) LED
Radio Frequency 2.4 GHz
Remote Probe Dimensions Houses thermistor sensor in polycarbonate plastic; 1.5" x 0.5" (1.25cm x 4.5cm)
Remote Sensor Length Optional 10 ft extension cable (up to 3 extension cables can be added without sacrificing accuracy)
Remote Sensor Type 1 Field Replaceable Digital Sensor
Sample Interval User Selectable Sample Intervals: 60, 90 seconds / 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes. (10 and 30 seconds optional, please call for details)
Software Options All DicksonOne Data Loggers must be connected to a DicksonOne subscription to function correctly.
Storage Conditions RH 0-95% RH non-condensing
Temperature Range Temperature range varies based on the selected Replaceable Sensor/Probe.
Temperature Sensor Type Field Replaceable Digital Temperature Sensor
Unit Weight 3 lbs
Units/Pkg 1

Sensor Specifications

Sensor Description SKU Specifications
Ambient Temperature & Humidity Replaceable Sensor RTRH
Ambient Operating RH Conditions : 5 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Humidity Accuracy: +/-2.0% RH from 5.0 to 95.0% RH
Humidity Range: 5 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.8F from 20.0 to 120.0F 1.8F (+/-0.4C from -6.7 to 50.0C 1.0C)
Temperature Range:-40.0 to 185.0F (-40.0 to 85.0C)
Single Thermistor Replacaebale Sensor (in buffer) RTHM Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.9F from -58.0 to 68.0F 0.0F (+/-0.5C from -58.0 to 20.0C 0.0C)
Temperature Accuracy (Remainder of Range): +/- 1.2F (+/-0.9C) from 69 to 122F (21 to 50C); +/-1.8F (+/-1C) from 123-158F (51- to 70C)
Temperature Range: -58.0 to 158.0F (-50.0 to 70.0C)
Dual Thermistor Replacaebale Sensor (in buffer) RTHM2 Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.9F from -58.0 to 68.0F (+/-0.5C from -50.0 to 20.0C)
Temperature Accuracy (Remainder of Range): +/- 1.2F (+/-0.9C) from 69 to 122F (21 to 50C); +/-1.8F (+/-1C) from 123-158F (51- to 70C)
Temperature Range: -58.0 to 158.0F (-50.0 to 70.0C)
K-Thermocouple Replaceable Sensor RKTC Temperature Accuracy: +/-1.8F from -22.0 to 122.0F (+/-1.0C from -30.0 to 50.0C)
Temperature Accuracy (Remainder of Range): +/-3.8 (2.1C)
Temperature Range:-300.0 to 2000.0F (-184.0 to 1093.0C)
Dual K-Thermocouple Replaceable Sensor RKTC2 Temperature Accuracy: +/-1.8F from -22.0 to 122.0F 3.8F (+/-1.0C from -30.0 to 50.0C 2.1C)
Temperature Range: -300.0 to 2000.0F (-184.0 to 1093.0C)
Platinum RTD Replaceable Sensor RRTD Cable Length: 6.0ft (182.0cm)
Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.5F from -148.0 to 350.0F (+/-0.3C from -100.0 to 176.0C)
Temperature Range:-148.0 to 350.0F (-100.0 to 176.0C)
Ambient Temperature Replaceable Sensor RTMP
Temperature Accuracy: +/-1.2F from 20.0 to 122.0F (+/-0.7C from -7.0 to 50.0C)
Temperature Range: -22.0 to 122.0F (-30.0 to 50.0C)
Differential Pressure Replaceable Sensor (2") RS080 Differential Pressure Accuracy: +/-3.0% from -2.0 to 2.0inH20
Resolution: 0.000
Differential Pressure Replaceable Sensor (0.5") RS081 Differential Pressure Accuracy: +/-3.0% from -0.5 to 0.5inH20
Resolution: 0.000