TFA Temperature & Humidity Logger LOG210

Model: 31.1058.02

  • For monitoring temperature and humidity
  • Memory for 100.000 records
  • MAX/MIN/AVG function, dew Point, HI/LO alarm
  • USB interface with automatic PDF export
  • Free software for configuration optional
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  • Features & Benefits
  • Technical Data

Product Details

The "LOG210" allows you to accurately monitor and record temperature and humidity, whether transporting delicate products, in cold stores, server rooms or mandatory test protocols. The cause of damp or mould damage in living spaces can also be determined on the basis of recorded climate values.
The logger can record up to 100,000 records. Via a USB interface, the determined data can be automatically exported as a PDF file to your PC. A measuring interval of 5 minutes is pre-programmed. Optionally, you can download a software for configuration. Then the storage interval can be set from 10 seconds to 24 hours.
When values exceed or fall below certain set ranges, you will be alerted by an alarm. An integrated motion detector records and documents vibrations, for example when moving or opening and closing windows or doors.
Below the display is a status and alarm LED.
The device has a maximum and minimum values, as well as an AVG function, a dew point indicator and a time marker.
The logger is entirely made in Germany. A factory certificate is included.

Features & Benefits

  • For the control of temperature (precision depending on the measuring range from +- 0,5 °C) and humidity (precision depending on the measuring range from +- 3%)
  • With status and alarm LED
  • Memory for 100.000 records
  • MAX/MIN/AVG function, dew Point, time marker function
  • Usable without software (pre-programmed 5 minutes interval)
  • Automatic output as PDF-file, optional configuration software download
  • Selectable storage interval (10 sec. up to 24 hrs.)
  • HI/LO alarm, Motion sensor for shock recording e.g. change of location or door and window opening
  • USB Interface
  • With wall mounting holder
  • Factory certificate included
  • Made in Germany

Technical Data

Delivery contents Data logger, factory certificate, wall mounting holder, battery, instruction manual
Measuring range humidity 0…100 %
Measuring range temperature -40…+70°C
Material Plastic
Power consumption Batteries
Assembling Wall mounting
Batteries included Yes
Batteries 1 x 3.6 V 1/2 AA
Dimensions (L) 43 (49) x (B) 21 (30) x (H) 92 (98) mm
Weight 60 g