Pocket Laser Tach 200

Model: PN: 6125-010

Pocket Laser Tachometer 200:
 Tachometer/timer/totalizer with N.I.S.T traceable certificate of calibration, and 12 in. of Reflective Tape. 

Pocket Laser Tachometer 200 Kit: Tachometer/timer/totalizer with N.I.S.T traceable certificate of calibration, 5 feet of Reflective Tape, Carrying Case and Remote Contact Assembly for contact speed measurements.

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Product Details

PLT200 is a digital, battery-powered portable optical tachometer, which operates up to 25 feet* from a reflective target using a Class 2 laser light source. The ergonomic design allows safe, direct line-of-sight viewing of both the target and the display at the same time, while providing a non-slip rubber surface for single hand operation.  

PLT200 is a 32 function Tachometer/Ratemeter, Totalizer/Counter and Timer (stopwatch), which is programmable in both English and Metric linear rates. Support is built-in for both our optional Remote Contact Assembly (RCA) and our Remote Sensors. PLT200 has a TTL compatible Pulse Output to trigger devices like data collectors or stroboscopes. The KIT is supplied complete with a Remote Contact Assembly including concave and convex tips and a 10 cm linear speed wheel and a 5 foot roll of reflective tape all in a latching carrying case.
* performance subject to intensity of ambient light irradiation.

Features & Benefits

Ergonomic Design

All Pocket Tach Series instruments provide a unique ergonomic design which allows you to safely observe both the display and the rotating target at the same time.

  • Operating Range up to 25 feet* (Class 2 visible laser) 
  • Accepts Remote Contact Assembly (optional)
  • Accepts Remote Sensors (optional)
  • TTL Pulse Output (requires optional 6 foot BNC Cable)
  • Auto Ranging/Fixed Decimal (user selectable)
  • English and Metric Rates
  • Tripod Mounting Bushing
  • On-Target and Low Battery Indicators
  • Rugged Rubberized Housing
  • N.I.S.T. traceable Certificate of Calibration included

Technical Data

Display: 5 Digits, 5 Alpha-numeric LCD

Optical: 5 to 200,000 RPM

Contact RPM: 0.5 to 20,000 RPM (see rates below)


Optical:+/-0.01% of reading
Contact:+/-0.05% of reading (rpm)

Totalizer: 1-999,990
Resolution: 0.001 to 10 RPM (range dependent)
Operating Range: 2 inches to 25 feet*, +/-70°
Memory: Maximum, Minimum and Last reading
Power: (2) "AA" 1.5 VDC batteries (30 hours)
Environmental: Temp: 5° to 40°C (0° to 100°F)  RH:80% RH up to 31°C (88°F)
Dimensions: 6.92" H x 2.4" W x 1.6" D
Weight: 7 oz. (210 g)


RATES: 10cm Contact Wheel 12 inch circumference Contact Wheel
Inch/min 1.969 to 78,740 IPM 6,000 to 144,000 IPM
Feet/min 0.164 to 6,561.7 FT/M 0.500 to 12,000 FT/M
Yard/min 0.055 to 2,187.2 YPM 0.167 to 4,000.0 YPM
Cm/min 5.000 to 200,000 cm/M 15.240 to 365,760 cm/M
M/min 0.050 to 2,000.0 M/M 0.153 to 3,657.6 M/M

Also reads engineering units in per second and per hour